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USConec IBC™ for MT

USConec IBC™ for MT
IBC™ Brand Cleaning Tools MT Series

The US Conec IBC™ Brand Cleaners MT series mechanical cleaning tools are designed for cleaning the fiber arrays on MT based connector systems. These tools are capable of cleaning MT based connector systems loaded in a bulkhead adapter, on the card edge, the backplane and on unmated cable assemblies. The IBC™ Brand Cleaners will clean both female (no guide pin) and male (with steel guide pins). These tools will clean both flat polished multimode and 8° angled singlemode MT ferrules.

  • IBC™ Brand Cleaner MT38 – Cleans MT based M38999 connectors
  • IBC™ Brand Cleaner MPO – Cleans MTP® Brand Connectors and generic MPO connectors with a UPC and APC polish
  • IBC™ Brand Cleaner OptiTap® – Cleans OptiTap® connectors in FTTX applications
  • IBC™ Brand Cleaner HBMT – Cleans HBMT™, ARRAY 6, ARRAY 8, 3X1 Circular, and multimode MPO connectors
  • IBC™ Brand Cleaner HBMT EN – Extended Nozzle (353mm/14”) reach for Multimode MPO and other multimode MT based connectors
  • IBC™ Brand Cleaner MPX – Cleans LIGHTRAY® MPX connectors


Cleans male and female MT ferrule
600+ cleanings per unit
Simple dial turn engagement is easy to operate
Nozzle is keyed for precise alignment of the cleaning tip to the fiber array
Alignment cap lid opens for cleaning the unmated connectors

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