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USConec IBC™ Cleaners

USConec IBC™ Cleaners
The US Conec IBC™ Brand Cleaners are dry cloth cleaners specially designed to clean single fiber connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. The dust cap of the cleaner acts as an adapter for cleaning unmated connectors. 
Showing: 10 product(s)
Showing: 10 product(s)

2.5mm Cleaning Tools:

Part Number Description
9392- IBC Brand Cleaner SC 2.5mm - SC, ST, FC, & E2000
9394 IBC Brand Cleaner HC - Cleans OptiTap® connectors in FTTx applications
13310 New IBC? Brand Cleaner M250 - largest cleaning region for 2.5mm based connectors
13964 IBC Brand Mini Cleaner Zi25 - SC, ST, FC, & E2000, Includes retractable zipcord

1.25mm Cleaning Tools:

Part Number Description
9393 IBC Brand Cleaner LC 1.25mm - LC & MU
12910 IBC Brand Cleaner H125 - LC & MU, Harsh environment 1.25mm _ARINC 800, ODC series, MXL38999, LuxCis series, MIL PRF 64266 (NGCON), Neutrik opticalCON, features flexible tip
13965 IBC Brand Mini Cleaner Zi125 - LC and MU, Includes retractable zipcord
14303 IBC Brand Cleaner LC˛ for LC Duplex

Specialty Connector Cleaning Tools:
Part Number Description
12926 IBC Brand Cleaner M20 - Harsh environment 2.0mm based connectors ? SMPTE 304M and SMPTE 358M and MIL PRF 28876, Plug and socket
13309 IBC Brand Cleaner M16 - Harsh environment 1.6mm based connectors M38999, Plug and socket
14649 IBC Brand Mini Cleaner ZiA125 - MIL/AERO 1.25mm connectors, Includes retractable zipcord
14829 IBC Brand Mini Cleaner GA16 - Harsh environment 1.6mm based connectors M38999, Plug and socket, Includes wrist lanyard
15523 IBC Brand Mini Cleaner GA1000  - Glenair Mighty Mouse 20 series and other MIL/AERO 1.0 connectors, Includes retractable zipcord
13240 ADAPTER - For use with 9392 for cleaning MIL-PRF-83526 (TFCOA II®/DFOCA/GFOCA) and other 2.5mm harsh environment connector systems
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